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Shaun Brookhouse demonstrating hypnotic phenomena at the Annual International Hypno-Psychotherapy Conference in Leicester

Brookhouse Hypnotherapy was founded in 1989 and has been providing therapeutic services since that time. In 2003, it was decided to make the practice a National Practice with associate practitioners who have either trained with or whose training is known by the Founder of Brookhouse Hypnotherapy, Shaun Brookhouse. We currently have offices in Manchester, Loughborough (Leicestershire), London, Essex, Salisbury, Bristol, Norfolk, Chester, Cirencester, Bolton, Swansea, Hinckley, Huddersfield, Stoke on Trent and Romsey but are continually expanding into other areas of the country. It is our sincere hope you find what you are looking for here.

In addition to the information about our associated practices, this site is also designed to give you general information about hypnotherapy, information about research into hypnosis, links to train as a hypnotherapist (or if you are already qualified, links to organisations which offer excellent continuing professional development). Hypnotherapy is effective in smoking cessation, weight and stress management, as well as dealing with fears and anxieties, and a plethora of other conditions like:  

Panic Attacks





Anger Management

Low Self Esteem

Lack of Confidence

Poor Sleep Patterns

Medical Issues (with a Health Professional’s referral)

Deep Seated Compulsions

Nail Biting

Weight Management

Smoking Cessation

National Society of Talking Therapies

Members of the Brookhouse Hypnotherapy Group are also registered and accredited by the National Society of Talking Therapies

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