COVID-19 Toolbox

Welcome to the Brookhouse Hypnotherapy Group COVID-19 Toolbox

Thank you so much for donating to the Samaritans, who are doing amazing work at this difficult time.

Here are the resources that our members have gathered together for you. Please know that they are all available to help you on an individual basis, so please do check out our local services page to see who is close to you, or who you might see online if that is your preference.

Before listening to any of our hypnosis audio recordings, please read this guide: Instructions For Hypnotherapy recordings


Some thoughts on the current situation and what you can do, from Paula Stone. Click here

‘Dropping an Anchor’ from William Davies:
For information click here


‘Mindful Meditation – A simple guided practice for adults and children’ from Barry Wharton:
For information click here


‘Advice on Sleep’ from Stewart Mustard, click here

‘Mind Body Harmony’ from Hilary Norris Evans:


‘Control and Influence’ from Geoff Ibbotson. For information click here


‘Stress Diary’ from Paula Stone, click here

‘Hypnosis for Motivation’ from Shaun Brookhouse


‘Hypnosis for Sleep (only to be played when in bed)’ from Fiona Biddle


‘Unhelpful Thoughts’ from Paula Stone, click here

‘Choosing not to worry’ from Richard Nicholls


‘Adjusting to change and loss’ from Sharon Mustard, click  here

‘Hypnosis for Concentration’ from Shaun Brookhouse


‘How to be a good enough parent’ from Sharon Mustard, click here

‘Stillness of Mind’ from Ludwig Esser


‘Thought Recorder’ from Paula Stone, click here


‘Nature  Connections Through Our Senses’ from Ludwig Esser, click here


Video introductions to members of the Brookhouse Hypnotherapy Group

Shaun Brookhouse (Manchester and Online):



Fiona Biddle (Cheltenham and Online):



Hilary Norris Evans (Cirencester, Bristol, Bath, Cheltenham and Online):



Richard Nicholls (Hinckley, Nuneaton and Online):



Paula Stone (South Norfolk and North Norfolk):



Ludwig Esser (Swansea and Online):



Sharon Mustard (Salisbury and Online):


To see the Brookhouse Hypnotherapy Booklet with information about what we offer and our members, click here